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Return data to the sheet

Return the data from your Python code to the spreadsheet.
Quadratic is built to seamlessly integrate Python to the spreadsheet. This means being able to manipulate data in code and very simply output that data into the sheet.
By default, the last line of code is output to the spreadsheet. This should be one of the three basic types:
  1. 1.
    Single value: for displaying the single number result of a computation
  2. 2.
    List of values: for displaying a list of values from a computation
  3. 3.
    DataFrame: for displaying the workhorse data type of Quadratic
(you can expect to primarily use DataFrames as Quadratic is heavily built around Pandas DataFrames due to widespread Pandas adoption in almost all data science communities!)

1. Single Value

Note the simplest possible example, where we set x = 5 and then return x to the spreadsheet by placing x in the last line of code.

2. List of values

In this example, note that we do a basic calculation to fill our list result. Since we want that list output to the sheet, we put the result in the last line and its output to the sheet, starting with the $2,154,446,753 value you see in the sheet.

3. DataFrame

In this example, we query the Mercury Bank Sandbox API, manipulating our data into a DataFrame. Since the DataFrame is our last line of code, we output to the sheet. Note that the column headers are the column headers in our DataFrame. Supports up to millions of rows.