Navigate the Quadratic spreadsheet.

For advanced users, feel free to skip to Shortcuts for the condensed list of shortcuts for navigating the spreadsheet. Read the enclosed for a more in-depth feature-by-feature exploration of navigating Quadratic.

Cell type palette /

Pressing / on a cell will open the cell type palette. Once open, choose the type of cell you want to create.


Quadratic was built to be the most fluid navigating spreadsheet. Enabling this is the 60 FPS experience from WASM + WebGL. Try it out holding Spacebar and then panning you can experience the ease of navigation for yourself.

Presentation mode

You can use presentation mode to directly present your visualizations or data story to your audience with Ctrl + . (Mac: ⌘ Command + . )

Command Palette

Simple search pop-up for all in-app actions. Open the command palette by pressing Ctrl + p (Mac: ⌘ Command + p

Seamless Zooming

Zoom in: Ctrl + + (Mac: ⌘ Command + + ) Zoom out: Ctrl + - (Mac: ⌘ Command + - )


Right-click a cell to open a menu of formatting options.

Add tabs

Add tabs to your sheet via the bottom left of the sheet.

You can add colors, rearrange, rename, and access more settings by right clicking a tab.

More spreadsheet basics

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