Getting started

Get started writing rich Python code inside the spreadsheet.

Quadratic is very focused on a rich developer experience. This means focusing on features that enable you to have a streamlined development workflow inside Quadratic, with Python as a first-class citizen that integrates seamlessly with the spreadsheet. Below is a quick start to get going with Python in Quadratic.

Quick start

  1. Select a cell where you want to write Python code.

  1. Press / to bring up the cell type menu. Select Python.

  1. Write Python in the code editor. The last line of code is returned to the sheet at the cell position.

Learn more

The following is a list of essential information for learning how Python works in Quadratic.

  1. Reference cells - get data from the sheet into Python with cell references

  2. Return data to the sheet - return Python outputs from code to the sheet

  3. Import packages - import packages for use in your Python code

  4. Make API requests - use the Requests library to query APIs

  5. Visualize data - turn your data into beautiful charts and graphs with Plotly

The most common starting point is learning how to reference spreadsheet cells from Python in Quadratic.

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