Reference cells

Reference cells from JavaScript.

In Quadratic, reference individual cells from JavaScript for single values or reference a range of cells for multiple values.

Referencing individual cells

To reference an individual cell, use the global function cell (or c for short) which returns the cell value.

// NOTE: cell is (x,y), so cell(2,3) means column 2, row 3 
let data = await cell(2, 3);

return data;

You can reference cells and use them directly.

let data = await c(0, 0) + await c(0, 1) # Adds cell 0, 0 and cell 0, 1

let data = await c(0, 0) == await c(0, 1) # Is cell 0, 0 equal to cell 0, 1 ?

Any time cells dependent on other cells update the dependent cell will also update. This means your code will execute in one cell if it is dependent on another. This is the behavior you want in almost all situations, including user inputs in the sheet that cause calculation in a JavaScript cell.

Referencing a range of cells

To reference a range of cells, use the global function cells. This returns an array.

let data = await getCells(x1, y1, x2, y2)

Referencing another sheet

To reference another sheet's cells or range of cells use the following:

let data = await getCells(x1, y1, x2, y2, 'sheet_name')

Relative references

Reference cells relative to the cell you're currently in with relative cell references in JavaScript.

Get position of current cell

Keyword pos() returns the current cell's position.

# if the current position is cell (1,1) this would return an object with values 1,1
let cellPos = await pos();

Reference values in relative cells

Reference the values of cells relative the current position.

// c is the cell one cell to the left of the current cell, use either rel_cell or rc
let d = await rc(-1, 0);

// above for one cell to the left is equivalent to the following 
let cellPos = await pos();
let data = getCell(cellPos['x'] - 1, cellPos['y']);

// one cell left
let d = await rc(-1, 0);
// one cell up 
let d = await rc(0, -1);
// one cell right 
let d = await rc(1, 0);
// one cell down
let d = await rc(0, 1);
// five cells left, five cells down
let d = await rc(-5, 5);

return d;

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