What is Quadratic?

Quadratic is a data science spreadsheet.
An Infinite data grid with Python, JavaScript, and SQL built-in.
With Data Connectors to pull your data from SaaS tools and databases.

How does it work?

Jump into the quick start docs and learn about how the Quadratic Grid works!
FYI: Quadratic is in Alpha. We do not recommend relying on Quadratic yet.

What's our vision?

State of the art free form spreadsheet, for everyday use.
Endless grid, in all directions. Pinch, pan, and zoom.
Support for Python, Javascript, Excel Formulas, and SQL. Natively.
Easily add live data with Third-Party Connectors (SaaS tools, DB, etc).
Accessible to everyone + powerful for power users.
Add UI elements to quickly build internal apps that your whole team can use.
Multiplayer, see others mouse movements and keystrokes.
Set Themes and install Extensions to personalize your environment.
Improve the way people do science, finance, math, marketing and more.
Spreadsheets touch so many aspects of our work, and we deserve a better spreadsheet!
Last modified 7mo ago