Getting started

The infinite spreadsheet with Python, SQL, and AI.

Quadratic is a spreadsheet built for modern teams. Quadratic combines the familiar spreadsheet UI and formulas with the power of Python, SQL (coming soon), and AI.

Get started in the short walkthrough below.

If you have any questions or feedback, we’d love to hear it! Share by contacting us.

Getting started

First, create your first blank sheet or pick an example file.

Start your first Formula or line of Code by simply pressing / after clicking a cell. This will open the command palette.

1. Navigating & Basics 🛣️

Quadratic starts with understanding cells. You'll find Quadratic is very similar in this regard to the spreadsheets you're familiar with. Start by entering some data into the spreadsheet. To do this, simply click on a cell and enter whatever data you'd like - numbers, strings, dates, etc.

2. Formulas 🔢

Get started right away by playing with manual inputs and Formulas. You can immediately play with the formulas you're familiar with. Referencing cells in formulas is just like what you're likely familiar with via spreadsheet ranges.

3. Python 🐍

Get started with writing Python the same way you got started with formulas. Simply enter / to open the command palette and write your first line of code.

You can go as deep as you'd like in Quadratic via the combo of the spreadsheet, formulas, and Python. Use the docs sidebar to navigate to your sections of interest.

4. Multiplayer 🫂

Get started working with sheets together in real-time with your friends and colleagues.

5. SQL 🏡

We are currently building this feature. Sign up for Quadratic to get notified when this feature is ready.

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