Education FAQ

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Is the education plan free?

Yes, the Quadratic Education Plan is 100% free for teachers, students, and researchers with eligible emails.

To enroll:

You can contact us to get added if your school email address isn't automatically recognized.

Can I use a personal email for the education plan?

Unfortunately, you must use the email attached to your educational institution.

What do I get for joining the Education Plan?

Eligible sign-ups can create unlimited teams with unlimited users and have access to premium features as they are rolled out (typically $15/mo/user for paid non-education plans).

Can I migrate files from my personal account to my education account?

You can download your files and upload them across accounts.

How do I know I'm on an education plan and won't get charged?

We never ask education plan users for billing information. You will also find a badge on your dashboard signifying you're in the Education Plan.

Can I use AI in the Education Plan?

Yes, education accounts have unlimited AI usage.

If you have any other questions, feel free to contact us!

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