Quadratic for Education

The Quadratic Education plan is 100% free for students, teachers, and researchers. The Education plan provides access to all features of Quadratic, including unlimited sheets and the ability to share and collaborate with others.

Enroll here - Quadratic is free for anyone who signs up with a valid education email address.

If your email is not automatically approved, please contact us.

Quadratic is a modern spreadsheet powered by Python, SQL, and AI. Built to be the best tool for individuals and teams to do data science. Naturally, many educational institutions have reached out to get onboarded to the Quadratic Education Plan, as they want their students to access the best tools for learning analytics.

🛠️ No setup required

Remove the barriers of setting up environments, installing packages, git versioning, and more. Get straight to your analysis without wasting time on setup and configuration headaches.

🌎 Accessible via web

Quadratic is built to run on all ranges of hardware, which gives every student a workspace that is performant regardless of their computer.

🤲 Built for collaboration

Quadratic is built to be used collaboratively in real-time by dozens of users simultaneously. Engage, build, and learn together in an environment optimized for collaboration.

Get started by signing up using your school email address here - https://app.quadratichq.com/education/enroll

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