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Sharing files

Share files to work together with your team.

Share your work to viewers

We are currently working on making this feature fully multiplayer. Here's some of our ongoing work on GitHub relating to teams.
In the meantime, we have added the ability to share your files in view mode with others. Simply click share in the top right of the sheet. Note that this allows access for anyone with the link.

Public sharing: embed in a webpage via iFrame

If you have public sharing permissions turned ON in your spreadsheet, you can freely embed your spreadsheet in any site that allows embedding. Simply use the URL to your spreadsheet in an <iframe> HTML tag.
Example: <iframe src="Quadratic_URL" title="your sheet description"></iframe>

Share with other editors

We are currently working on this feature. Sign up for Quadratic to get notified when this feature is ready. For now, you can only share with other viewers.