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Get started putting data in the spreadsheet.

There are four ways to get data into your spreadsheet:

1. Manual input

Self-explanatory, manually input your data. Quadratic enables rich copy-pasting from other sources (sheets, notepad, etc) into Quadratic. As you input your data, manually change formatting via the toolbar.

2. Drag and drop a .CSV

Simply drag the file from your system directly into the spreadsheet. Supports up to millions of rows in a few seconds, tops.

3. Connect to database via SQL

We are currently building this feature.

4. Ingest from API

Connect to your data APIs to GET, POST, etc. Supported via the standard Python requests library. This simple example shows how to get your data from request to Pandas DataFrame.
Code explained in-depth on the Python data ingestion page.
import requests
import pandas as pd
response = requests.get('your_API_url_goes_here')
df = pd.DataFrame(response.json())

Importing Excel Files (and other data file formats)

This is not currently supported. To import your Excel file's data to Quadratic you can save as .CSV and then use the .CSV drag and drop feature to import your data straight into Quadratic.