Work together with your team and organization.

Create your team

Quadratic Teams are the way to extend your analysis beyond your personal spreadsheets.

Invite others to your team in a few quick steps. Each of your Teams will show up in the side panel so you can quickly get back to work on your shared team files.

Team permissions

Members of your team(s) will by default have access to all of your sheets within the team.

It's up to you to set the team permissions of each member.

  • Owner: creator of the team, can add and remove members and edit all fiiles

  • Editor: can edit all files but not add or remove members

  • Viewer: can view all files but not edit files and cannot add and remove members

To edit permissions simply open the Members tab from the image above. From here, the owner can manage the members. Non-owners can see all the members in their team.


Quadratic is a free product for unlimited individual use but limited sharing. For Teams, Quadratic is paid per seat. You can view the full pricing options at our pricing page here.

Quadratic Teams pricing is per seat, so each additional member added will add the cost of that seat to your billing plan.

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