Quick Start

Quadratic is in Alpha: We do not recommend relying on Quadratic yet.

Getting Started

Quadratic is designed to be familiar to anyone who has ever used a spreadsheet before. Our goal is to get you up and running quickly while expanding what is possible with a spreadsheet!
Quadratic allows you to use Python and SQL without any confirguation!
If you find anything counterintuitive or just plain broken please Submit a Github Issue.

Adding Data

Copy Paste

You can import data into a Quadratic Grid by copy/pasting it from any other data grid.

Import CSV (coming soon)

CSV import is coming soon. Quadratic Menu > Import > Import from CSV

Data Connectors (coming soon)

Data Connectors hook up data from your SaaS tools and databases. Coming soon!
Quadratic Menu > Import > Data Connector

Moving Around the Grid

Pinch to zoom! Pan using the mouse wheel. Quadratic controls are similar to Figma.
Pinch to Zoom

Writing Cells in Python

With your cursor selecting a cell you want to put Python code in press = and select Python as your Cell Type.
Select Cell Type
Once you click Python or press Enter, the Code Editor will open in the right pane.
Hello World Python Example
Command + S runs a cell and keeps the Code Editor open.
Command + Enter runs a cell and closes the Code Editor
OUTPUT (bottom right) is the stdout and the stderror of the code run in the cell.
The Cell Value is set to the result of the last line of code. You can also explicitly set result to return something other than the last line of code.

To learn more about using Python Cells: