Development Updates

May 10, 2022 - Public Release!

Quadratic V0.1.0
Today we have released the first public version of Quadratic on GitHub!
You can try it out right now on app.quadratichq.com
Building the Quadratic community is our biggest focus right now. This is why we are releasing Quadratic as open-source under the MIT license. We encourage you to leave any feedback on GitHub as an Issue. We read and respond to everything, so please let us know if you try Quadratic out!
The v0.1.0-alpha release includes:
  • Rewrite of Quadratic User Interaction system. We fixed dozens of bugs and generally made user interaction for selecting and editing cells stable.
  • Stability improvements across the entire application.
  • UI improvements to better show users which cells contain code and which contain user input.
  • More example files in docs/examples
What's next?
We are working closely with our early users to make Quadratic the best possible tool for them. If you are interested in using Quadratic please let us know your use case! We would love to chat with you and learn how to make Quadratic better.

March 4, 2022 - Dev Update

Update Demo
Hello world! Quadratic is taking shape and we couldn't be more excited to share it with you!
In this update video we walk through the features that have been built into Quadratic so far. This is a big update that includes:
What's Next?
  • If you are an engineer and want to help build Quadratic check out our jobs page!